Monday, March 23, 2015

Top 5 H.O.T.W- Happiness of the week 3.21.15

I am starting a thing called H.O.T.W. which stands for Happiness of the Week. There is O.O.T.D, Q.O.T.D. and more. In my journey to Thriving after Divorce one of the main things for me is to be happy with things going on around me. I do not have a hard time doing so but being more intentional to my thoughts and how my feelings are connected to those feels good. So many people rely on PEOPLE, spouses, teachers, parents etc. to make them happy and that is not how it works. I tried that the first 1.5 years of my marriage expecting my husband to make me happy... I realized that if anybody is to make me happy it is myself. Towards the last year of marriage, I began to do things that made me happy. I am all about enjoying experiences and doing things so I knew that my energy of happiness would come from events and activities.

One thing that I really enjoy is a nice glass or two of wine. It is the taste, the smell, the experience and if I am around people its the laughter and conversation. So I started a wine club. A group of old coworkers quickly became coworkers and their friends and just being around a bunch of amazing women drinking, I mean TASTING the many wines was amazing! We fell off and yep gotta get that back going!

Another thing that I started doing was Vlogging. I love to talk and feel like I have a lot to say for the most part. I struggle because I am trying to find my niche... Not everyone can be beauty vloggers...

So as I continue my mission for happiness I will be doing H.O.T.W and please share yours on my Twitter, Facebook and this blog. So let's get started...

Top 5 H.O.T.W.

  • Empire Season Final- I do not condone fighting but for some reason I was tired of Miss Boo Boo Kitty and was so glad when Cookie yea beat her down. I am glad it is over too until next season. I have never been so anxious for a show in 10 years. This is the first show and I was like I need to watch. I did not like how it controlled me. But I was glad Andre's wife came back! YES TO MARRIAGE but NO TO ABUSIVE MARRIAGES! 

  • Raw Chocolate Vegan Pudding- I made this after a salty lunch and I was like OH MY GOSH. I did not add the vanilla because of my Daniel Fast. I got the recipe from OhSheGlows  I sauteed sliced bananas in coconut oil and cinnamon and topped it off. It was amazing. I let my mom try and she is very picky but she really liked it. I suggest you try it out. 
  • Amazing friends- Had a slight anxiety attack over some really childish stuff and my friends really helped calm my nerves and really showed me some things. I am so grateful! Learned that I could not trust some people in my face but that is all good! My home girl Alaina was in town from L.A. and Soliel, we all went to lunch and had some awesome girl talk. MUCH NEEDED! 
  • Week 1 of this Daniel Fast- Giving up coffee was the hardest thing for the first 2 days. But I am good today at least. I do want to enjoy some coffee soon. But this Daniel Fast has turned into a cleanse and if you ever been on a cleanse you know what I mean! But I love to cook and all week I had been cooking so many new recipes. I love all the time to myself where I can just cook creatively and eat. And it is healthy too so that is a plus!
  • Being Creative- I was going to buy a picture of this wine bottle because I love wine! But I was like wait a minute I can do this! Yep I tried it! Not the best but I like it and it was really calming- healing for the soul! What do you think?

Well anyways! I am off to enjoy The Remnant who was nominated for a Stellar Awards! I am excited! 

Let me know what some of your H.O.T.W.'s were and let's start a new movement! 

Please comment and share!

Peace and Love,