Thursday, April 9, 2015

Top 5 Happiness of the Week


This week has been beautiful! I have laughed, cried and smiled. I am sure there were many more emotions this week. My idea of happiness is where I can experience emotionally to people, art, smells and more either in person or through technology. I have noticed that I am very sensitive and cry or laugh when someone experiences pain, joy and are enlightened. It's beautiful really, connecting to life  and people on a different level. Well I had some awesome experiences of happiness and it has filled my heart with joy.

1. My number one H.O.T.W. hands down is Doves new campaign, #ChooseBeautiful. Oh my gosh I cried so hard. I looked at all these beautiful women as most of them choose Average. I was like what, oh no you are beautiful and it wasn't because of looks. You know how you can see someone and know if their personality, their spirit is wonderful or needs improvement well that is what I could see. My favorite person was when the mother and daughter were walking and the daughter tried to walk in average but the mother grabbed her and pulled her to the beautiful door. Reminded me of my mother who always said I was beautiful and I wasnt the best looking child but is stuck with me and I know that I am beautiful. Here is the video see for yourself.

2. My number is another video. These two cute girls had me ROLLING... I laughed so hard. They were screaming for their lives. I watched this at work and was like oops, I have to be quiet. I felt so bad for these beauties. But their pain was my gain, if you will.

3. My number three is making $150 in less than an hour. I facilitated a workshop called First Steps to Starting Your Small Business. The people weren't asking questions and I tried creating dialogue but I guess they were getting enough information. I wanted to have conversation yet these people wanted to talk after so then I was ready to go home but they kept asking questions. Ah well making $150 that hour was amazing, believing I could get used to those kind of payments.

4. After seeing another shooting and killing of an unarmed black man named Walter Scott I was heartbroken. I expressed my concerns with my world AKA Facebook. I needed to get my happy up and saw this amazing post of a young girl right here in my town, "Mounds Park Academy (MPA) senior Munira Khalif has a tough but awesome decision ahead, after being accepted to all eight Ivy League schools. She is also wanted by Stanford, Georgetown and the University of Minnesota (U of M)" I was thrilled and so excited for her. I was like now here is some good news to share. This is really touched my heart and needed to spread some joy in the midst of all the madness. Wishing her all the best!

5. My last but not least H.O.T.W. is creating new memories with a few special people. Absolutely love this new opportunity to experience happiness in a new way. Spent the whole weekend with this cool, down to earth family. Helped unpack and just kicked it! I am excited to see where this goes.

Well that is my 5 for this week!

What is your 5? Let me know! Would love to share your joy!

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Peace and Love,