Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Poem for All Mothers

My favorite animal is an elephant. Something about them drew me to them. I remember in high school and middle school I would find little elephant figurines and my one favorite one was the one that had a baby inside.

I did a little research and found out that mother Elephants are amazing in caring for children. Their pregnancy lasts for 22 months. They deliver one of the largest animals weighing about 250 pounds. When the elephant is born it is completely blind dependent on the mother for everything. Another fact amazed me… Elephants have a great support system. They have many many babysitters. This group of elephants are called “Allmothers” reminds me a bit about our society and how we women have that innate trait to care and help others out. We love to nurture. They protected the child when the mother had to go and eat as much as she could to make milk for the baby.

This poem is for the All mothers…. 
Thank you! 

As a child I looked around and there were so many women around and they all loved me and they all whooped me. This is for all of them… the mother figures in our lives the ones with and without children of their own but loving and caring for them just the same.
These words I speak are filled with gratitude of the multitude of people just like me. We just want to thank you.

All mother, you are the aunties, the ones that never had children of your own. Your embrace was a fun one. You were the one that let us try things that of course our mother would sigh about. You spoiled us, your love was different for us. Thank you

All mothers, you are the woman that stepped into the motherly role when we left home that spiritual mother, when we joined a new church out of state. You are a God send. You were the one that gracefully claimed us as your own. You invite us to family functions and help relieve the sadness of the absence of our real mother. You spoke to us as your own and we respected and loved you for that. Thank you.
All mothers, you are that older sister and the cousin, our first best friend. I told you everything and you told my mother but would forget I was mad at you in an hour and back to the bond that just grew and grew. Thank you.

All mothers, you are that sister friend the one that knew right from wrong and kept it real with us. Your presence we looked up to. The one that made sure we were in line. Your words of wisdom and your actions a woman of integrity and honor. You made us think twice about what we were going to do. Thank you

All mothers, you are the God mother, my mom’s good friend. She spoke highly of you, was in awe of you and knew I would be protected, cared for and loved by you. Gentle and meek your spirit is truly the essence of a proverbs woman. Words spoken out of love. Thank you.

All mothers, you are the Grandmother, the most grand of them all. Mean too very strict. You chastised us when we did wrong. You kept us in place, comforted by your warm embrace. Thank you.

All mothers, you are the adoptive mother and the step mother and the mother in love. An adjustment to get used to and what a journey we have. You accepted me and wanted me enough to play such a strong important role in our lives. Thank you.

All mothers, you are the birth mom who carried this living and growing child. You sacrificed so much for us your children. You went away and worked so hard to feed us. You learned as much as you could along the way. Caring for your child looking in our eyes and seeing a part of you as you held us in your arms. Sweet comforting words soothed our souls. Along with those long conversations that helped shape us. Thank you.

This is for the All mothers the bond only women know of. Blood maybe absent but we feel you just the same as you stepped into the role of caregivers, the nurturers so compassionate and caring.