Friday, June 6, 2014

5 Things you can do while you PATIENTLY wait on GOD

5 Things to do While You Wait on God

Are you waiting patiently for God to move greatly in your life? What is it? Are you waiting for a husband or a wife? Are you waiting for a career change? In my case, children? Many of us have a hard time waiting patiently on God and we end up jumping the gun and trying to make things work. That is where we mess up though, what we can provide for ourselves is not even close to what God has in store. We seem to lose hope and faith that God is going to do it. We get anxious and that is when we get out the will of God. We will mess up our blessings that He has for us.

I know it is so hard to do but if we want it the right way and the best way we have to wait on God. While we wait here are some things we can do while we wait patiently on God.

  1. Volunteer- Find an issue you are passionate about and find an organization to volunteer at. This will occupy your time, give you more things to talk about and meet new people with similar interests.  If you are waiting for a spouse, you might just meet them here! Make sure you look your best!
  2. Take a class- Maybe you are waiting to have children or start a new career, nothing says I am ready like experience and education. Find a class at your local adult education spot where they offer classes that might even be free.
  3. Prepare-The classes are a great way to prepare as well as literally preparing yourself for the next step. Are you waiting on children? Start clearing your house for space for the children. You can start buying clothes and keeping it in a hope chest. That new career, maybe you need a new or new to your wardrobe. Find outfits that fit the job that you are applying for. Waiting on that spouse? My pastor is good for saying live like you have your spouse there with you! Say, “Babe can you bring me some water?”  Or make some room in the closet or get rid of things such as things your ex’s gave you, there is no room for that.
  4. Build the Kingdom- this should always be happening but while you are waiting for whatever go work with your church to help it advance or reach out. Win souls for Christ. Evangelize in the community.
  5. Start a hobby- start something that may benefit what you will need to do in the future. Or just start something fun. Learn how to embroider, that is what my goal is. I want to start embroidering my babies clothes and pictures.  Maybe you need to learn how to cook for the misses or mister. Learn how to be an extreme couponer! Learn how to save money.

In all that you do make sure you continue to pray that God give you strength and patience as you wait for Him to move in your life. Thank Him for all the moves big and small that He is doing in your world. Pray that your will aligns with His will and that what you are waiting for is what He wants for you or maybe it is something better.

Always remember that an idle mind is the devil’s play place. Do not sit and worry about what God is doing and why. Remember that our time is not God’s time.

What are some of your ways to wait on God in the mean time?