Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Locin N Rockin!

I go through these phases of where I want to cut off my locs and do something different. My hubby "Forbids" it lol! Well he is lucky that some how after my "I want to do something different" moods, I get inspired and want to try all kinds of styles with my hair. I struggle because the back broke off which seasonally happens even when I had "unloc'd" hair. (Is that a word?) So then I want to hide it and so many of the styles I like are where the hair is up and I get a little self conscious.

I have been bouncing from one hair stylist to the next trying to find someone with reasonable prices and quality work. So I ended up doing my hair which wasn't as professional looking as most but I needed it done.

I found this youtube gal a week ago who does a lot of loc tutorials and I am so excited! I love her attitude, personality and style! Her name is Franchesca here is a style that I think is very nice.  check her website out: and visit her youtube channel! 

Here are some of the styles I have tried and am getting better with everyday:

 Playing with accessories-------------------------------------->
 Side french roll

 Sorry it is so dark :( ----------------------------------------->

Still working on them!!! 
There are many stages in the loc lifestyle and with every stage comes new options! I am really enjoying my hair. What are some of the styles you like to wear?