Thursday, January 8, 2015

Doing more of the things I love... No Resolutions..

Disclaimer: I cannot find this article and when I do I will share it. :( 

It is January 8th, how are your resolutions going? Still strong, dwindling, GONE? I know we all have hopes, goals, dreams and resolutions as we take on this new year. I read an article before the new year and it said, that we are doing resolutions all wrong. Resolutions aim to fix things. Find everything wrong with you and fix it.... How many of you succeed in fixing what is wrong with you? "I aim to fix my weight, I am to fix my  my bank account so that I have enough money at the end of the month, I am going to fix the habits that I do not like- smoking, biting my nails, etc." Yes, I know if something is broken you should fix it but do we dwell on it?

I was teaching youth and a Team Leader for an organization and the students pronounced things a certain way. I was taught that when you are correcting something, you gently correct it and move on. Just know it will take more than one time to correct it but it is different than dwelling on it. For example; the word strawberry, the kids were saying SKrawberry and the tutors would spend twenty minutes making the kids repeat it correctly. I can imagine them now with a nervous tick because of all the pressure and emphasis on fixing it.

Well anyways, how many of those resolutions go out the window by the 2nd week of January? Or did you even start it? I know that is me! I intended to fix my weight and eating habits and uh... yea!

The article went on to read that we focus so much on what is wrong and we lose sight of the things we love to do, the things that we are most passionate about. One thing I have noticed with me is that I do better when I am happy or joyous. Like I love good food and if I am not in a good mood I eat horribly but when I feel good I enjoy preparing my food and putting good, healthy foods into my system.

I then thought, Yes! No more resolutions and I will do more of the things I love. I asked people on my Facebook what they will do more of this year and a few wrote: Reading, spending more face to face time with people, Yoga and other things. I was like Yyyaassss Hunni! Great way to redirect your
attention on more of a positive way to do things.

For me, I love to write so that means more blogging and maybe that book that I have been trying to start. I love cooking and eating healthy food- I am excited to find cool recipes and enjoy eating it. I miss reading so I will definitely read more. I love music and I will play it more!!! I just got a bluetooth speaker and it is awesome. I love my family and so I will spend more time with them.

What do you love to do? What are you passionate about? Can you redirect your honest efforts for change to focusing on the positive?

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