Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thriving After Divorce: All Things New on New Year's Day...

January 1, 2015, New Year's Day, I literally started life over.

I moved into my new place Jan. 1st, and woke up a bit stressed. Everything seemed to go wrong.

I was waiting on my mom to get to the storage facility to meet everyone one that was so "willing" to help and some of those people forgot. I get to the storage facility and they are observing the New Year and will not be opening until noon so I have to tell everyone to take their time now. So then I was like let's try to get the keys to the place and I did not want to be a bother but I called and text and no answer for 30 mins. I was stressing out and I had to stop myself and tell myself relax Cicely everything will be alright. My stomach had been hurting and I was like I need to let go of the stress and feeling like I have to control every little thing.

I was driving and the song Moving Forward by Israel Houghton popped into my head and I had to have a concert in my car. I was singing, "You make all things New... I will follow you forward..." Oh God that helped so much knowing that God will never forsake me or leave me. Realizing that He is a HEALER and makes ALL things new! I was like thank you Jesus.

I kept thinking about all that had happened and the song kept ringing in my ear saying, "I'm not going back, I'm moving ahead. Here to declare to You my past is over in You. All things are made new, surrendered my life to Christ, I'm moving forward..." If you ever had needed a message to bring you back to God's best for you, this will help you!

I was starting over, a new life, new people, new church, new expectations, new goals, new dreams, new reality, new reasons, new me...

I am now on a path to find who I am in God and what He wants for me. I do have a few plans and we will see how that goes. I just know that whatever I do I pray that it Glorifies God and is a blessing to others!

Things are shifting in my life and I will give God all the Glory and Praise even though my situation makes me want to cry, I know that God has so much in store for me!

My biggest question over the past month has been: How will God get the Glory in all this? I was like God HATES divorce and that Divorce is not the will of God but in three situations, Adultery, Abuse and Abandonment... No matter what I know that God will show up and show out and God WILL get all the glory, praise and honor.

God is present and my prayer is that He keeps me close especially during this challenging time.

Have you ever wondered How God will get the Glory in a messy situation, did He show you is POWER? If so please share! Thank you!

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Peace and Blessings,